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Verified complete142 83.5 %
Low - Minimum requirement not yet met6 3.5 %
Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet met4 2.4 %
**Renewals not here**18 10.6 %
279D5Verified complete - 03/28/2018Imperial ClubAddis Ababa
1417Z11Verified complete - 03/17/2018Karachi Toastmasters ClubKarachi
2558Z11Verified complete - 03/31/2018Port Louis Toastmasters ClubPort Louis
3098Z8Verified complete - 03/27/2018Lima Toastmasters ClubLima
3237Z1Verified complete - 03/22/2018Memorial Toastmasters ClubSt Johns
3477Z1Low - Minimum requirement not yet metGrand Falls-Windsor Toastmasters ClubGrand Falls-Windsor
4151Z8Verified complete - 03/05/2018Morris Gellman Toastmasters ClubBuenos Aires
4863D1Verified complete - 03/22/2018Kwanza Kenya ClubNairobi
5032Z8Low - Minimum requirement not yet metSantiago Toastmasters ClubSantiago, Chile
6386Z11Verified complete - 03/29/2018Moscow Free Speakers ClubMoscow
6579Z11Verified complete - 03/30/2018AnkaraAnkara
8319Z8Verified complete - 04/20/2018International Toastmasters Club of PeruMiraflores, Lima 18
8960Z8Verified complete - 03/30/2018Bermuda Toastmasters ClubHamilton
9168Z1Verified complete - 03/07/2018Cabot ToastmastersMount Pearl
592015Z11Verified complete - 04/20/2018Plateau Toastmasters ClubReduit
606654Z11Verified complete - 03/22/2018Redefluss Moskau ClubMoscow
689391D2Verified complete - 03/30/2018Smart Speak Toastmasters ClubNairobi
798316Z11Verified complete - 04/13/2018Express Toastmasters ClubKarachi
827545Z11Verified complete - 04/29/2018Karachi Toastmasters Advanced ClubKarachi
866857D5Verified complete - 03/12/2018ICS Corporate Toastmasters ClubAddis Ababa
955824B4Verified complete - 03/29/2018Dell Toastmasters BrazilEldorado Do Sul
970218Z1Low - Minimum requirement not yet metMercy in AfricaLindale
1042863Z11Verified complete - 03/29/2018Istanbul ToastmastersIstanbul
1150150Z8Verified complete - 04/30/2018Toastmarshters BermudaHamilton
1154846Z11Verified complete - 03/31/2018Islamabad Toastmasters ClubIslamabad
1197334D3Verified complete - 03/28/2018Nairobi ToastmastersNairobi
1202269D3Verified complete - 03/17/2018SEMANairobi
1214038Z11Verified complete - 04/04/2018Lahore Toastmasters ClubLahore
1226180Z11Verified complete - 03/29/2018Financial Toastmasters ClubMoka
1231943Z8Verified complete - 03/27/2018Club Miraflores ToastmastersMiraflores
1261905Z8Verified complete - 03/05/2018TicomastersBelen
1269930Z8Verified complete - 04/10/2018Caterpillar Panama ToastmastersPanama City
1318686Z12Verified complete - 03/28/2018Capital Toastmasters SuvaSuva
1338915Z13Verified complete - 03/21/2018Astana Toastmasters ClubAstana
1426408D5Verified complete - 03/29/2018Addis AbabaAddis Ababa
1496391Z11Verified complete - 04/17/2018Modi'in ToastmastersModi'In
1557482B6**Renewals not here**Exxonmobil BSC Brazil Toastmasters ClubCuritiba
1576863Z11Verified complete - 04/07/2018ICMAP Toastmasters ClubIslamabad
1587874Z13Verified complete - 03/27/2018Toastmasters MongoliaUlaanbaatar
1767737D5Verified complete - 05/02/2018JupiterAddis Ababa
1806127Z11**Renewals not here**The A.M.I. Toastmaster ClubKarachi
1807544Z11Verified complete - 03/20/2018Toastmasters Ljubljana, SloveniaLjubljana
1978000B4Verified complete - 03/06/2018ADP Labs BrazilPorto Alegre
2105220Z8Verified complete - 03/30/2018Toastmasters Mining For WordsSantiago
2229225B3Verified complete - 03/26/2018Sao Paulo ToastmastersSao Paulo
2298403Z13Verified complete - 03/31/2018Nazarbayev University Toastmasters ClubAstana
2453527B5Verified complete - 03/08/2018Rio Speak OutRio De Janeiro
2539011Z11Verified complete - 03/25/2018Moscow ToastbustersMoscow
2548956Z11Verified complete - 03/06/2018Istanbul Turkish ToastmastersIstanbul
2561691Z13Verified complete - 03/28/2018UB ToastmastersUlaanbaatar
2645756Z11Verified complete - 03/13/2018Aurora Toastmasters ClubCurepipe
2686258Z13Verified complete - 03/29/2018Almaty ToastmastersAlmaty
2738834Z11Verified complete - 03/28/2018CA Toastmasters Club LahoreLahore
2827742Z11Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet metKurdistan Public Speaking AcademySulaymaniyah
2883886Z11Verified complete - 05/09/2018Istanbul AsiaKadikoy
2979303Z11Verified complete - 03/20/2018Ankara Türkçe Toastmasters KulübüAnkara
3063204Z8Verified complete - 03/26/2018Toastmasters BogotáBogotá
3064505D3Verified complete - 03/28/2018Downtown Toastmasters ClubNairobi
3134840Z11Verified complete - 03/28/2018Toastmasters BeogradBelgrade
3182108B1Verified complete - 03/18/2018Vila Olimpia English Toastmasters ClubSao Paulo
3185947Z8Verified complete - 03/31/2018Toastmasters After OfficeSantiago
3471480Z11Verified complete - 03/24/2018Malta Toastmasters ClubLuqa
3538318Z8Verified complete - 04/23/2018Toastmasters Montevideo, Club De Liderazgo Y ComunicaciónMontevideo
3560649Z8Verified complete - 03/28/2018BA Tango Toastmasters ClubCapital Federal
3587556Z11Verified complete - 03/30/2018Alexandria Toastmasters ClubAlexandria
3589311D2Verified complete - 03/31/2018Early Birds ToastmastersNairobi
3620455Z13**Renewals not here**Kashagan Venture Toastmasters ClubAtyrau
3750944Z8**Renewals not here**High Intensity Training: HIT Toastmasters ClubLas Condes
3785969Z11Verified complete - 03/22/2018WorldSurfersMoscow
3875767E8Verified complete - 03/31/2018Kampala Toastmasters ClubKampala
3887523Z8Verified complete - 03/22/2018Viña ToastmastersVina Del Mar
4137480Z11Verified complete - 04/04/2018ICMA Lahore Toastmasters ClubLahore
4158459B5Verified complete - 03/01/2018Fala Bonito!Rio De Janeiro
4175277B2Verified complete - 03/19/2018Ericsson Sao Paulo ToastmastersSao Paulo
4181485E7Verified complete - 04/18/20181 Rwanda Toastmasters ClubKigali
4329262Z8Verified complete - 03/12/2018Houses of Buenos Aires Toastmasters ClubBuenos Aires
4398319B5Verified complete - 03/01/2018Rio ToastmastersRio de Janeiro
4399476Z11Verified complete - 04/23/2018Saint Petersburg SpeechmakersSaint Petersburg
4406016Z8Verified complete - 03/26/2018DESTINO EXCELENCIABogota
4411212Z8Verified complete - 03/21/2018Akamai ToastmastersEscazu
4651990Z11Verified complete - 03/31/2018Erbil International Toastmasters AcademyErbil
4673116Z8Verified complete - 03/15/2018On The Rock Toastmasters ClubHamilton
4760558B3Verified complete - 04/02/2018Microsoft Brazil Toastmasters ClubSao Paulo
4800640Z13Verified complete - 03/31/2018Wagner Asia Toastmasters ClubUlaanbaatar
4802015Z13Verified complete - 03/28/2018Great MongolsUlaanbaatar
4830452B4Verified complete - 03/23/2018NOS ToastmastersPorto Alegre
4856017B2Verified complete - 03/16/2018Avenida Paulista ToastmastersSão Paulo
4863037Z11Verified complete - 03/29/2018Bosphorus ToastmastersIstanbul
4869182Z11Verified complete - 04/03/2018CA Toastmasters Club MultanMultan
4898728Z11**Renewals not here**Shell Egypt Toastmasters ClubCairo
4966081Z11Verified complete - 03/22/2018Anadolu ToastmastersIstanbul
5011794D1Verified complete - 04/04/2018TOASTMASTERS@CHIROMONairobi
5035889E9Verified complete - 03/27/2018Arusha Toastmasters ClubArusha
5092876B1Verified complete - 03/19/2018Caterpillar Brazil BilingualPiracicaba
5099075D2Verified complete - 03/30/2018K-ToastmastersNairobi
5182871Z11Verified complete - 03/08/2018Baghdad ToastmastersBaghdad
5220048Z11Verified complete - 03/25/2018Ankara Business Toastmasters ClubAnkara
5233390E6Verified complete - 04/24/2018Techy Talkers Toastmasters ClubKigali
5236016Z11Verified complete - 03/29/2018Ramallah ToastmastersRamallah
5246376Z11Verified complete - 03/27/2018Autour Du MotMoscow
5251769E7Verified complete - 04/08/2018TRES Toastmasters ClubKigali
5281787Z11Verified complete - 03/27/2018Ceridian Mauritius Toastmasters ClubEbene
5313265B1Verified complete - 03/26/2018Wild Talkers English Toastmasters ClubSao Paulo
5320659Z11Verified complete - 03/29/2018Cascatas Toastmasters ClubLuanda
5328645D3Verified complete - 03/28/2018Anchored Toastmasters ClubNairobi
5349569O1Verified complete - 03/04/2018Firebirds CollectiveOnline Club
5357724O1Verified complete - 03/05/2018Netizens OnlineOnline Club
5438132Z11Verified complete - 03/28/2018NewGen Toastmasters ClubEbene
5438396Z8Verified complete - 03/16/2018Oradores BairesBuenos Aires
5442450Z11Verified complete - 05/09/2018Speak Up Toastmasters ClubEbene
5445456B7Verified complete - 03/28/2018Brasilia TM - Alumni UnBBrasilia
5522464Z11**Renewals not here**Sakhalin Energy Investment Comp, LtdYuzhno-Sakhalinsk
5523338O1Verified complete - 03/29/2018Toastmasters Without BordersOnline Club
5553979D4Verified complete - 05/31/2018Kisumu ToastmastersKisumu
5562537O1Verified complete - 02/28/2018BuddiesNepean
5566255Z11Verified complete - 03/13/2018Jerusalem ToastmastersJerusalem
5567421D2Verified complete - 03/26/2018Mombasa Island TMMombasa
5618837O1Verified complete - 02/02/2018Witty Storytellers OnlineLondon
5622514O1Verified complete - 03/17/2018Great White North OnlineAdelphi
5642681Z11Verified complete - 03/28/2018CA Toastmasters Club IslamabadIslamabad
5710610O1Verified complete - 03/31/2018I'm Just Sayin'Englewood
5747106Z11Verified complete - 03/30/2018IslandersYuzhno-Sakhalinsk
5789341D1Verified complete - 05/17/2018Nairobi BottlersNairobi
5864102B7Verified complete - 05/02/2018Belo Horizonte ToastmastersBelo Horizonte
5880816B2Low - Minimum requirement not yet metCiti BrazilSao Paulo
5881442B6**Renewals not here**Campo Largo ToastmastersCampo Largo
5913322D4Verified complete - 03/20/2018Nakuru Toastmasters ClubNakuru
5915351Z11Verified complete - 02/18/2018Bishkek ToastmastersBishkek
5930698Z11Verified complete - 12/12/2017Sarajevo Toastermasters ClubSarajevo
5944479Z11Verified complete - 03/30/2018ITCOMSQuatre-Bornes
5947343O1Verified complete - 11/30/2017AT&T LDP Future VoicesAtlanta
5965423Z8**Renewals not here**Sabre MVD Confident SpeakersMontevideo
5976218Z11Verified complete - 03/15/2018CA Toastmasters Club KarachiKarachi
5987684O1Verified complete - 03/01/2018Online PresentersCoral Springs
6011675Z13Verified complete - 03/10/2018Atyrau Open ToastmastersAtyrau
6043474Z11Verified complete - 04/01/2018Hub Toastmasters ClubKarachi
6063862O1Verified complete - 03/27/2018Tongue TwistersAlexandria
6082035Z11Verified complete - 03/30/2018Zlatoust MastersMoscow
6113574Z11**Renewals not here**Kinshasa Toastmasters ClubKinshasa
6133027Z11**Renewals not here**Kizomba Toastmasters ClubLuanda
6511158D5**Renewals not here**Entoto ToastmastersAddis Ababa
6556192B1Verified complete - 03/14/2018Campinas #1 English ToastmastersCampinas
6556220O1Verified complete - 04/02/2018Rakuten Marketing ToastmastersDenver
6578697B5Verified complete - 03/26/2018The Rio Gringo ToastmastersRio de Janeiro
6582709Z11Verified complete - 03/29/2018Casablanca Toastmasters ClubCasablanca
6606793B5**Renewals not here**Tagarelas Toastmasters Club - ShellRio De Janeiro
6613258D4Verified complete - 06/15/2018Kilele Toastmasters ClubNyeri
6619736D4Verified complete - 05/04/2018The Thika ToastmastersThika
6621765O1Verified complete - 02/18/2018CompetitiveCommunicators.comDelray Beach
6621820Z11Verified complete - 03/24/2018ALC Oujda ToastmastersOujda
6633885E8Verified complete - 03/27/2018Bukoto ToastmastersKampala
6638260Z11**Renewals not here**Nablus ToastmastersNablus
6639074D1**Renewals not here**Rafiki ToastmastersNairobi
6645768Z11**Renewals not here**Toastmasters TunisiaTunis
6650465O1Verified complete - 03/29/2018Global Trainers Online (GTO)Sutherlin
6656892D3Verified complete - 04/30/2018The Ruaraka ToastmastersRuaraka
6662276Z8Low - Minimum requirement not yet metTalking HutiasApo
6675772D1Verified complete - 06/15/2018WestmastersNairobi
6727788O1Verified complete - 02/26/2018Arabic Advanced OnlineONLINE CLUB
6736858O1Low - Minimum requirement not yet metChina Perth Toastmasters ClubPerth
6770232E9Verified complete - 06/13/2018Dar Toastmasters ClubDar Es Salaam
6776971D2New Club - 04/25/2018WBG Kenya Toastmasters ClubNairobi
6779933O1Verified complete - 03/15/2018Alaml OnlineJeddah
6780528Z11**Renewals not here**Crescent Toastmasters ClubLahore
6785255Z11**Renewals not here**Professional Toastmasters @ LUMSLahore
6786802B3Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet metDell Brazil SP ClubHortolandia
6787370Z11Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet metBasra Toastmasters ClubBasra
6796899O1Verified complete - 02/02/2018Go BeyondBeijing
6802346Z8Ineligible - Minimum requirement not yet metExperian Chile ClubSantiago
6842031D1**Renewals not here**Lerai Toastmasters ClubNairobi
6849384Z11New Club - 04/01/2018Sadaqat Toastmaster Corporate ClubFaisalabad
6861949Z11Verified complete - 03/18/2018Baghdad Elite ToastmastersBaghdad
6892375E8New Club - 05/14/2018Lubowa Toastmasters ClubKampala
6902609Z8New Club - 05/01/2018JPMC BA BelranoBuenos Aires
6902620D2New Club - 04/01/2018Kericho Gold Toastmasters ClubMombasa
6930021Z13New Club - 04/01/2018TDB Toastmasters MongoliaUlaanbaatar
6943847Z11New Club - 05/05/2018DJ Toastmasters ClubKarachi
6962882Z12New Club - 05/15/2018VPCL Toastmasters ClubSuva
6967883Z11New Club - 04/30/2018Bayer Pakistan TM ClubKarachi
6983932Z11New Club - 05/13/2018TOASTMASTERSGEORGIATbilisi
6983959O1New Club - 05/24/2018DJ & MC ToastmastersIndianapolis